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Amerikaaustausch 2000

Manchester-Berlin Student Exchange, August/September 2000

Fri., Aug. 25 German Students arive
Detroit Metro International Terminal
Ber/Amsterdam KL 1824
Amsterdam/Detroit KL 617
4:35 pm
7pm: Football Game at Clinton
Sat., Aug. 26 6:30pm Welcome Party and Hay Ride
Potluck Dinner for all Host Families
Sun., Aug. 27 Free
Mon., Aug. 28 1/2 day of school for Manchester students
German students meet at Flag Pole at 8:45am
Birch Run Outlet Mall
Return 4-4:30pm
Tues., Aug. 29 Study Aud. Interview with Machester Chronicle
Canoeing down Raisin River
3:00 return to HS
Wed., Aug. 30 Study Aud. (mett Principal and Superintendent)
Scavenger Hunt
3:00 return to HS
Thurs., Aug. 31 follow host
show slides
7pm: Football Game at MHS
Fri., Sept. 1 German students leave for Toronto
Train leaves Windsor at 10:00am
Sat., Sept. 2 Toronto
Sun., Sept. 3 German students return to Windsor at 10:38pm
Mon., Sept. 4 Labor Day - no school
Tues., Sept. 5 Gym-meet with Coach Call
Try on football uniforms
show slides
Wed., Sept. 6 follow host
12:30 Meet at Flag Pole
Tour of Daimler-Chrysler Proving Grounds
Thurs., Sept. 7 Klager Elem. School
Fri., Sept. 8 Henry Ford Museum
Bus leaves HS at 8:45am
Bus returns to HS at 2:30pm
Football Game at Grass Lake
Sat., Sept. 9 Barn Dance and Potluck Dinner for all Host Families
Sun., Sept. 10 Cedar Point
Bus leaves at 8:00am
return to HS 9:00pm
Mon., Sept. 11 African American History Museum
Bus leaves HS at 8:35am
12:00 Martin Luther King High School Visitation
return 3:00pm
Tues., Sept. 12  
Wed., Sept. 13 German students leave for Washington DC.
Students must be at the airport by 10:45am
Thurs., Sept. 14 Washington DC.
Fri., Sept. 15 Washington DC.
Sat., Sept. 16 Arrive in Berlin at 11:00am KL 1823