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Dublin 2014

Fahrt des LK Englisch J11 (Hab/Mit)

Our trip to Dublin started on an early Monday morning in June. We started off at the airport in Schönefeld and went from there to London, where we had some spare time, unfortunately not enough to venture into the city. Nevertheless, we made the acquaintance of some nice people and were not bored at all.

On arriving in Dublin, in the late afternoon, we were picked up at the airport and brought directly to our hostel. We spent the rest of the day going for a walk to explore the district of Dublin we were staying in. I got lost immediately, but had the chance to realize how beautiful and charming the city is, and how friendly and communicative its inhabitants are. Dublin actually is a city which offers its visitors the chance to meet people from all over the world, e.g. in its numerous pubs and cafés, a circumstance we appreciated a lot. The football fans among us were equally pleased to be back in the hostel in time to watch Germany’s next match in the World Football Championship (which the German team luckily won against Algeria).

The following days were structured by an interesting program, which, fortunately, still left room for individual activities, such as rambling about the city, relaxing in a park and simply spending time with your friends. We enjoyed the activities and took in what was offered to us. The city tour was the activity I liked most, because we saw all of Dublin’s most important sights, and our guide took us to quite diverse places, thus showing us the different facets of the city. Our visit of the Jeanie Johnston, an old ship that is famous for its frequent use during the potato famine, was a truly impressive experience. Our guide revived memories of the fate of some Irish people who left their country on board that ship to immigrate to America. It was like experiencing history first-hand.

One morning we did an Irish Dance lesson, which was definitely fun (due to obvious lack of talent, in some cases), and also strenuous, as we had stayed up late the evening before (?). My friends and I also appreciated our daytrip to the Wicklow Mountains, where we even went for a swim in a lake (to tell the truth, just the toughest among us did that), and admired the beauty of the countryside of Ireland (we all did that). When we went to the beach in Malahide in the morning of our last day, the weather was less favourable, but nevertheless, we made the most of it, as we enjoyed being at the sea. It was a good finish for the trip.

I assume we will always remember this trip to Dublin as a highlight during our last years at Werner-von Siemens High.

(Luise Wetzenstein/Frau Dr. Mittelstädt)